TalkPic. Learning words, kids!

Kids start to explore the world from the very beginning of their lives. Sounds, shapes, and colors. Time flies fast, and the baby grows up to the moment of learning the words. Without constant attention from the elder, a child could find it hard stepping into the unfamiliar areas in this big world. Meanwhile, parents have their own everyday struggles and unfortunately, they do not always find time to explain what one thing or the other is, over and over again. Our “TalkPic” educational app is a perfect opportunity for your kid to explore the world by himself, while you are busy doing house work or even trying out new hobbies! Children have a good visual memory and learning new information such as the names of various objects is a fairly simple task for them. We based our app exactly on this kind of skill. “TalkPic” is a great foundation for the overall development of the baby:

— More than 350 hand-drawn pictures of the highest quality

— 16 themed categories

— Quick and easy extension of word choice

— Simple and efficient interface

— All words are familiar with children

— Various types of animation and neat design do not stress the eyes

— Professional speaking narrators form a proper pronation

— Two additional mini-games make the app fascinating for the elder kids

— The development of classification and sorting skills

— Recommended for the kids aged 1 to 3

Our app lacks adds and does not require the internet connection, therefore, no additional payments.

We will be very thankful for your AppStore reviews on this app. Reviews help us improve the app and make it more suitable for your children, organize a live talk with the audience to embody your suggestions into the new version of our app.

We wish you a happy time with TilkPic!

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